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Words of Support...

I have stayed abreast of Danny’s work in the community and with the Party.  He has appeared on my radio show and we have discussed various issues affecting the nation and the Hispanic community.  He has shown insight, compassion and an impressive level of dedication.  He would be an excellent person to lead the effort to enhance the interaction between the Republican Party in Virginia and its Hispanic constituency


Linda Chavez

Chairman of the Center for Equal Opportunity

Radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, and political analyst for FOX News

Former nominee for Secretary of Labor for George W. Bush



As the Providence District Republican Chairman in Fairfax County, I have worked closely with many members of the RNHAVA.  I have personally worked with two of your members in particular, Dr. Aleyda Kasten and Christina Rosas.  Each of them have been leaders in their areas, each taking responsibililty for precincts with 3,000-4,000 voting members.  During this capacity, they have dedicated numerous hours to the Party and to the Hispanic community.  I have learned alot about the Hispanic issues and the desires and needs of this community, and how those values and beliefs fit with the Republican Party.  I fully endorse their efforts here and recommend their election.  

Bill Mullins
Providence District Republican Chairman
Fairfax County



I am pleased to know that Danny Vargas is a candidate for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia because he is exactly what the constituency needs. Danny is one of the most efficient and personable individuals I have ever been lucky enough to meet. I know he will put forth all his might into delivering the ideas he offers. Danny’s efforts and contributions to the Hispanic community should serve as reference for all of us to follow. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidature because I know he will deliver.


Raul Cano-Rogers

Immediate Past President, Greater Washington Ibero-American Chamber of Commerce



Danny Vargas is extremely dedicated to promoting the Republican party within the Hispanic community of Virginia.  Danny brings a level of professionalism, organization and inclusiveness that will be a great asset to the RNHA.  Danny, and his great slate of candidates, will work hard not only on the social level of politics in Virginia, but at the grassroots level, where elections are won and our party can ultimately move forward in the Hispanic community.

Felipe Colon
2004 RNC Coalitions Field Staff Northern Virginia
2005 RNC Coaliltions Director- Maryland  



It’s a tremendous honor to give my support to Danny Vargas as he seeks to become the next Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly - Virginia. Danny has the commitment and knowledge it requires to be an effective political leader. I feel Danny and other members of his leadership team will improve upon recent gains of the Hispanic community within the Republican Party.


Don Scoggins, Chairman

Frederick Douglass Republican Forum of Virginia



Danny - Please receive my enthusiastic endorsement for you for Chair of the Virginia RNHA chapter.  At a time when the need for Latino involvement is increasingly apparent, you present a positive vision for Latino Republican participation in the political process. Moreover, you have demonstrated through your community service, through your involvement in the Republican Party, and through your professionalism, that you will be an excellent leader for this group. I am certain that, as you have in your professional settings, you will produce phenomenal results.  Please count on my vote and let me know how I can help, both before and after your election!


Joseph Guzman

Member of the Loudoun County School Board



I’m very glad to recommend and endorse Danny Vargas as RNHA Chairman of Virginia.  He’s a great team player, has great leadership qualities and extremely resourceful when it comes to coming up with ways to help the Republican Party and the RNHA in working in tune for the betterment of the Hispanic Americans, not only in Virginia, but in the nation.


Alci Maldonado

Chairman, Western Central Florida Chapter of the RNHA

National Secretary of the RNHA



Danny is an active member of The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  He has participated in leadership roles and has even donated his counseling service to the VaHCC.  I strongly recommend his leadership skills and passion he can bring to the RNHA.


Michel Zajur

President/CEO, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



As we have gotten to know Danny over the last few months we have seen commitment, integrity and smarts. It will take all of these attributes to build a quality organization. We believe that Danny adds value to the Virginia Chapter and to the National Leadership of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.


Luis Borunda, Chairman

Hispanic Republicans of Maryland

Maryland Chapter, RNHA



Having known Danny Vargas for more than 10 years in the roles of colleague and friend, I can confidently attest to his leadership skills, intellect, discipline, drive and ethics.  He is an exemplary individual whose accomplishments are all the more impressive in light of the many challenges he has met, and successfully overcome, during the course of his life.  Danny's desire to give back to the Hispanic community, and to represent this growing constituency effectively before our elected officials, are a natural outgrowth of his many talents and personal convictions.  I heartily endorse Danny Vargas as Chairman of the Virginia Hispanic Republican Group.


Mary Gramaglia

Consultant, National Biometric Security Project



We were glad to hear recently about your interest in seeking the chairmanship at the RNHA.  On behalf of the Virginia Alliance of Latinos Organized for Representation (VALOR), I would like to say that because of your outstanding leadership, involvement and advocacy within the Mainstream and Hispanic communities, equally for business as well as civic arenas, VALOR commends, acknowledges and supports you.  Your stepping up to the plate in seeking this challenge is testament to your ongoing conscientious efforts and formidable abilities.


As a non-partisan Hispanic organization for the improvement of Latino representation in political and non-political arenas, we applaud you and wish you well in your endeavors.  We look forward to your ever increasing participation in the issues and activities that positively affect us all in the Latino community of Northern Virginia.  If there is anything we can do to assist, please feel free to let us know.

Enrique González
Board of Directors

Virginia Alliance of Latinos Organized for Representation



The RNHA is an excellent organization that educates the Hispanic community about the Republican Party.  In order to carry out this mission the organization needs an effective leader that understands the dynamics within the Hispanic community in Virginia and that leader is Danny Vargas.  Danny is already poised for this role as President of the Virginia Chapter of the RNHA because over the last few campaign cycles in Virginia he has worked hard to mobilize the Hispanic community around the various Republican candidates.  I am confident that with Danny Vargas as President of the RNHA that more Hispanics will join the Republican Party. 


Tiffany Watkins

Former Deputy Political/ Director of Coalitions for the Kilgore for Governor Campaign

Currently Deputy Campaign Manager for Talent for U.S. Senate Campaign



I have worked very closely with Danny on many business and community issues, I can’t think of any task he wouldn’t do exceedingly well, with energy, a broad and in-depth perspective, and tremendous leadership.  It would be my pleasure to recommend him above all others for this important position


Patricia Williams

Chairman, Herndon-Dulles Chamber of Commerce



Having worked with Danny closely, I can vouch for his capabilities and his dedication to doing what is best for Virginia and the Republican Party.  As the delegate represents Herndon, Sterling, and Oak Hill, I know that he has been an active leader in the business community as well as the Hispanic community.  He has been a positive role model.  Virginia needs more Hispanic Republicans like Danny and I was happy to hear that he was running to lead the RNHA in Virginia.  I look forward to continuing to work with him in this new role.


Delegate Tom Rust

R-86th District, Virginia House of Delegates



At this time in the RNHA’s history it is critical that we have leadership with a clear and strong vision for the future.  Danny Vargas has that vision and the skills to deliver.


Perry Vasquez

Chairman, Colorado Chapter of the RNHA



I welcome with great excitement the news that you are running for Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia.   There is no doubt that your achievements as a business leader, your community involvement as the founder of the Hispanic Advisory Group for Congressman Wolf, and association with other community organizations demonstrate your dedication to succeed as Chairman.


Your participation in the community in support of current issues such as gangs, education, immigration reform and others is certainly a true testimonial of your great efforts to improve among our Hispanic community.  Your leadership will significantly help reinforce the Republican Hispanic community in our area as we become informed, get involved and strengthen our voice.  Please accept my support as a friend and colleague. The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia could not have a better Chairman to validate the beliefs of the Assembly, inspire and grow


Jackie Krick

President, ECU Communications



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